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16 yrs+

Managing Directors:

Imogen Manning &

Tracey Mitchell

60 & 54 Glasshouse Lane



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Who are we?

Reflections has been established since 2011. We are a private provider that offers a safe, therapeutic, nurturing and empowering environment for young people 16+. We support the young people with a personalised support plan to gain the confidence and develop the life skills needed for the transition into independence. We take a holistic approach to ensure that the young person’s practical, physical, intellectual, social and cultural needs are met. Reflections is staffed 24/7 and all staff maintain a high quality of support by working alongside a young person’s professional team to reach the best outcomes for the young person. Staff work alongside guidelines that are set out in Reflections policies and procedure.

Since 2011 Reflections have successfully supported young people leaving with the skills to move forward in to adulthood.

Reflections Management

The managers of Reflections are Tracey Mitchell and Imogen Manning who have 40 years combined experience between them. Tracey is a qualified Mental Health Nurse (RMN) and has extensive previous experience of both residential units, and community services working with young people with mental health. She has also supported carers and parents who are living with young people with mental health issues.

Imogen is from a social services background and has extent experience in working in residential units (including secure), supporting young people in placement with carers as a community care worker.

Both managers hold an NVQ 5 in leadership management for health and social care and young people services.

Both managers are Designated Safeguarding Officers (DSOs)


Staff will work alongside the young person to promote positive and effective relationships working towards the best outcomes for individuals. Staff will work in partnership with referring agencies forming a professional and productive working relationship.

What accommodation do we offer?

Reflections offers a nurturing, therapeutic environment where the young person can feel safe and comfortable in their surroundings. The young person will have:

Referrals and Admissions

Referrals will be made through the local authority which will include a copy of a recent risk assessment. The young person will be invited to Reflections, accompanied by their allocated social worker/care manager, to view the accommodation. This will also give an opportunity to have a meeting to discuss the young person’s identified support needs, any other issues in their current accommodation, and their risk assessment. The young person will be given a welcome pack containing a User’s Guide for them to read and keep. It will explain the support and guidance that is given, house rules, how to make a complaint and useful information and numbers.  Reflections recognise that the transition with moving can be unsettling and stressful for the young person, our aim is to keep the transition as smooth as possible.

Emergency Placements

Reflections can offer respite, or accommodate in an emergency if it is deemed suitable for the young person. All paperwork and risk assessments will need to be received when upon arrival in order to reassure suitability and safeguard other accommodated young people.

Our Ethos and Values

All staff work to ensure that the service that we provide is in line with best practice and up to date current legislation and policies. Reflection believes that:


In relation to the young people Reflections endeavour:

Policies and Procedures

Reflections have comprehensive up to date policies and procedures set out for all staff to work alongside to safeguard all young people accommodated.

Reflections have a robust safer recruitment and whistle blowing policy and procedures in place.

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We recently received a letter from a young person who was accommodated with us. We have reproduced it in part below:

"I have learnt to be more respectful and to form honest strong relationships with staff and neighbours. I really enjoyed Reflections the most as it was the only safe place for me and it not only allowed me to form positive relationships with the staff it allowed me to be  myself and open up to who I really was.

I always felt like I belonged somewhere while I lived at Reflections  so thank you all."

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